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TextSharks Blog Writing Service

Concerned that your company blog is not as dynamic as it should be? Do you want to improve your web presence and search engine visibility?

With our blog writing service, you have one less thing to worry about. We create fresh content to keep your company blog updated and most importantly, engaging for your customers.

With the requisite know-how of the different types and styles of writing, a TextSharks blog writer does full justice to your unique requirements. Our blog writing service is customizable and targeted to the special needs of your audience.

What Does a Blog Do?

When leveraged correctly, a great blog can…

Drive traffic to your website

With each new blog post you create, you’re essentially telling Google and other search engines: “Hey! My website’s active! Come check out my new content that should show up on your search engines!” By having your site appear on more search engines, you’re essentially paving the way for increased traffic.

The Social Media Factor

By posting on your social media pages about your blog updates, you’re providing material that people can share on social media sites. This gives you wider exposure and a bigger audience that you normally wouldn’t reach.

Establish Authority

If you deliver content that addresses common searches and questions clients may have, people will start seeing you as an authority. Consistently providing readers with helpful information will show them that you know your stuff, and will put you in a positive light.

Leave Your Mark

By publishing a blog post, you’ll be leaving footsteps behind on Google and other search engines. People will be able to find your website if they see your blog post come up on the search engines, even if it was published months ago.

Customer Interaction

A blog can serve as a way for you to communicate with clients and prospects looking for properties in your target market. Intertwine your blog and social media posts to encourage engagement on both platforms.

Maintain Interest

Every time you publish a blog post, you’re giving customers up-to-date information that will remind them about your business. Instead of having a static website, a blog will provide a window for people to see what’s going on behind the scenes. A fresh blog will also give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your website.

An Overview of What We Do

  • We research and find interesting, hot topics that will appeal to your website’s target audience
  • If you have your own topics, we follow your instructions.
  • We create well-written, original, 100% unique blog entries
  • We include high-quality royalty-free images with each post
  •  We log in to your blog admin panel & post the blog entries for you (unless you choose to have them emailed to you)
  • The TextSharks service puts your blog on auto-pilot
  • Every writer on our team was born and raised in the USA and is an excellent writer
  • All plans are month-to-month with no long-term commitment (you may cancel at any time)
  • If you’re not satisfied with out services, we offer a full refund!


100% Unique Content

We do NOT copy content or “spin” content from other sites on the web. Every blog post we write is 100% original and unique, written from scratch specifically and exclusively for your blog. Also rest assured that we will not re-use your blog posts on other clients’ sites. It is your content and yours alone.

Written by Americans

Every member of the TextSharks team is a “born-and-raised” American who speaks and writes English as his or her first language. We do NOT outsource any part of this service to overseas firms or individuals. We’ve pre-screened hundreds of Americans to find talented writers who really know how to blog.

Unlimited revisions

If for some reason our work does not meet your expectations, simply let us know. Give us as many details as possible as to what you don’t like and what needs to be changed. If our writer’s revisions still don’t meet your expectations, we will give you a full refund.

Professional Bloggers for Every Industry

If your business doesn’t blog, it’s probably due to Time, Talent, or Tech. Don’t let the daily grind keep you from reaping the benefits of blogging!

We’ve helped businesses in every industry grow through blogging, at a price any business can afford. Ask us about blogging, and let’s start growing.